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 Imported Orders


Zaps is continuously on the lookout for new products , and in doing so have found numerous products on offer originating from China . The distribution channels differ vastly from local suppliers in that there are many obstacles to overcome such as the language barrier , shipping logistics , product differing from  the advertised product , products not in stock , short delivery , errors in the Chinese ordering system and custom delays . Sometimes we will only find out that your order is gone out of stock when the shipment arrives in South Africa.

While we have tried to fine tune our systems we do have to rely on numerous external factors that are totally beyond our control . That said , we do have a high success rate and in the case of us not being able to fill your order in the projected time frame we will gladly refund your order in full

The last thing we want is for you to be unhappy so if your orders is urgent or if you do not agree with the procedures above we urge you NOT to place an imported order – rather browse our site for a local alternative where we can give the quick and reliable service that Zaps is well known for



Q: How long does an imported order take

A: An average time frame is 20 working days – Note that a common delay is with customs and SARS clearance .Sometimes your products will be in stock at the Zaps retail store and then your order will be filled immediately


3D Secure Info

3d secure offers added protection for your card in the form of a pin number and/or password . This is an extra level of protection and will link a pin number / password to your card that will prevent unauthorized use at participating online merchants 


Absa bank  ( Click For Registration site )

Helpline  012 317 3344


Nedbank  ( Click For Registration site )

Helpline 011 710 4710


Standard Bank  ( Click For Registration site )

Helpline 086 120 1311


FNB      ( Click For Registration site )

Helpline 011 369 2999


Q: Do i need to be 3D secure to buy from Zapsonline
A: Yes , due to the number of fraud transactions you will need to be 3D secure . To become 3D secure is a quick and easy process that will prevent your card being use fraudulently and is highly recommended
B: We also offer other options for payments, if paying via credit card is not your preferred options. Instant EFT, or EFT/Direct deposit leaving the control in your hands.